About us

About us

B-Smart Services

B-Smart Services is a staffing and janitorial company based in Orange County, California. We've been in the staffing and cleaning sector for almost a decade, gaining unique experiences with every encounter with our esteemed clients.

Our Mission

B-Smarts Services excels at providing a comprehensive portfolio of services with strict formality, experience, quality, and efficiency processes. We are interested in being a true business partner to our clients, allowing them to focus on their current core business.

Why Hire B-Smart Services?

There is a reason why we are a leading staffing and janitorial company in Southern California. B-Smart Services provides timely and innovative cleaning solutions for customers’ unique needs. We strive to offer practical solutions to make you a satisfied customer.

Therefore, you can rely on our professionals to provide top-tier, client-oriented solutions that fully satisfy your needs. Although we are headquartered in Orange County, we serve clients across different industrial sectors in other counties, including Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Bernardino.

Many cleaning companies only focus on providing a single service, which is to clean. B-Smart Services takes our services a notch higher to cater to our client’s unique needs while keeping their properties clean and sanitized.

Hire Professional Staffing and Cleaning Services That Take Care Of Your Company Property 24/7.

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