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The global pandemic makes keeping sterile and clean environments more critical than ever. At B-Smart Services, we have provided reliable janitorial services in Southern California for over a decade. We pride ourselves in delivering superior cleaning services to businesses throughout Orange County and beyond.

How Does Sanitizing and Disinfecting Work?

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Environmental Disinfection

Whereas a deep clean once denoted that the scrubbing was going down to the baseboards, in the advent of COVID-19, cleaning takes on a much more critical role in maintaining the health of our community. For that reason, we conduct environmental disinfection. Surface cleanliness is no longer the benchmark for acceptable office standards.

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Benefits of The Sanitizing and Disinfecting Services

Considering that the most advanced studies reveal that CORONAVIRUS is an “enveloped virus with a positive-sense single-stranded RNA genome”, we can ensure that the products used in our disinfection process eliminate the H1N1 virus, which, like COVID 19, is an enveloped positive sense single-stranded RNA virus.

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